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Farm Shops in Ayrshire

Find a Bakery in Ayrshire offering the best and freshest local bread, cakes, pastries, biscuits

We found 2 Bakeries in Ayrshire

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Dunlop Dairy

Dunlop Dairy

Dunlop Dairy is a Traditional Ayrshire Dunlop cheesemaker based near Stewarton Ayrshire, with a range of farmhouse Scottish cheeses you can taste and buy in our Cheese Shop and Tearoom.

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Tarelgin Butchers

Tarelgin Butchers

Our farm shop is located on a 280 acre farm of lush green pasture on the west coast of Scotland, set amongst the rolling hills of Ayrshire. Our aim is to produce top quality products in the old fashioned way using traditional methods as opposed to those employed by the supermarkets which are becoming increasingly unpopular with discerning shoppers.

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