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Radmore Farm Shop

en and Vicky welcome you to Radmore Farm Shop Online where we strive to bring you our highest quality foods – delivered to your door.

Is this your company?

Like all good stories, ours starts with boy meets girl. Ben, a Cambridge city boy met Vicky, a Northamptonshire farm girl.

Their vision was to bring the best of the farm into the city, and now straight to your doorstep. Since 2006, Ben & Vicky have produced the highest quality foods, with passion and love, whether in Ben’s Butchery, Vicky’s Bakery or out amongst the animals on their family farm, Radmore. At Radmore, we make it our mission to source the best possible food, from other farms and small companies just like ours, ones that share our passion for quality and sustainability. We then send it to be enjoyed around your dining table in the most convenient way possible; by popping into one of our stores or by shopping online for straight-to-kitchen delivery. We have vans delivering around Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire and in between, but if you live outside of these areas, we will happily send your order via courier.

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Radmore Farm Shop
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