NFU Conference Delegates Hear That British Food Wins The Public Vote

NFU Conference Delegates Hear That British Food Wins The Public Vote

NFU president Meurig Raymond launches a campaign to highlight farming issues to politicians.

The Welsh president of the NFU Meurig Raymond stressed that food and farming will be key issues in the forthcoming General Election because the majority of the British public are pressing supermarkets to stock more home-grown produce.

Launching the NFU’s Great British Food Gets My Vote campaign, Mr Raymond, who farms in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, said Britain, with its growing population, cannot afford to risk becoming reliant on the rest of Europe for its food in future in an increasingly volatile global market.

Mr Raymond told delegates at the NFU conference in Birmingham: “We, the NFU, commissioned the independent organisation YouGov to carry out a survey which shows that 85% of British people want to see supermarkets sell more British food.

“The same survey shows that nearly eight out of 10 people believe the government should do more to ensure a secure and affordable supply of British food. That clear message from British people must be taken on board by the next government.”

He said that voters expect a British government to back its own farmers and food producers and, in the light of self-sufficiency statistics, that the challenge has never been more pressing.