Local Food Producer Pilka's Produce Gets Started

Jacqui and Richard moved to Stiperden House Farm 4 years ago, from Midgley, where Richard had helped out on a neighbouring beef farm for a number of years. Having had that experience, he wanted to find some land of his own to raise pigs and hopefully move towards self sufficiency.

We started out with 6 pigs, which has now grown 20, following the birth of our first two litters of piglets in May this year.

We made the decision to only keep rare breeds early on, as we wanted to help to conserve these breeds and raise them to the highest welfare standards possible.

We sell the meat on, frozen, which has proved really popular. We're proud to say that we've been given the top rating for food hygiene by the Local Authority, having worked hard to convert an area in the barn for meat storage. We launched the business of “Pilka's Produce”, having decided that we could sell Pilka's Porkers, Pilka's Poultry, etc, the list is endless!

We are now working to enlarge our poultry housing, having kept chickens and ducks last year. Our next plans include keeping rare breed sheep.

In addition to selling the meat to friends, family and regular customers, we are now able to sell weaners onto other smallholders, which is an exciting development.

Eventually, we'd like to be as self sufficient as possible, and keep a mixed farm of cattle, sheep and pigs, all rare and traditional breeds.