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Cheese Dairy Producers in Kent

Artisan Cheese and Dairy products from small producers throughout Kent. Utlising the milk produces from Cows, Sheep and Goats. The Kent is home to a number of small producers making products such as yogurt, cheese, ice cream and butter

These prodcuers in Kent work seasonal to bring small batch cheese and dairy products

We try to list some of the best Cheese Dairy Producers and bakeries in Kent.

We have 4 Cheese Dairy Producers in Kent listed.

Cheesemakers of Canterbury

Our hard, semi-hard and soft cheeses are made by hand using traditional, labour-intensive methods – because that’s the way we like it. We use vegeta...

Location: Faversham,  Kent

Kingcott Dairy

We are a small, family run dairy farm in the heart of the beautiful Kent countryside, producing delicious award winning handmade cheese using milk from our own ...

Location: Staplehurst,  Kent

Winterdale Cheesemaker

The Cheese Barn is open from 10am -1pm every Saturday morning and allows the opportunity for customers to view the cheese making activities through the viewing ...

Location: Sevenoaks,  Kent

Blackwoods Cheese Company

Founded in June 2013, Blackwoods Cheese Company produce raw milk soft cow's cheese. All of our cheeses are made by hand using as little intervention as possible...

Location: Chiddingstone,  Kent