Farmers' Market in Cullompton Continues to thrive after lockdown

Farmers' Market in Cullompton Continues to thrive after lockdown

Traders at Cullompton Farmers' Market say the market has been thriving since the regular farmers' markets have been held since Saturday, June 13th after being halted in February because of COVID-19. The award-winning community market in Cullompton, Devon has been run for 22 years by volunteers with a considerable amount of work continuing to take local produce to customers' doors during the lockdown.

The delivery scheme was set up within a week, with orders and payment mainly online. Deliveries were organised and delivered by a band of volunteer producers. Customers have since asked for this to continue.

One of the organisers said, 'Getting back to the actual market has been very difficult with social distancing. But when the opportunity arose, we completed a COVID risk assessment and initially limited our stalls to eight. This enabled us to space out and allow people to get by without affecting the walkway through the town.'

Since returning, traders have been offered a free pitch helped by financial backing from Mid Devon District Council.

Organisers encourage the public to visit the market next Saturday, August 8th. For more details visit: