Slack House Farm

Slack House is a 45 hectare, upland, certified organic dairy and stock farm on the edge of the Bewcastle Fells overlooking Hadrianís Wall. The Roman road from Birdoswald to Bewcastle crosses the farm.

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Our main enterprise is our pedigree herd of home bred Ayrshire cows.

Our Birdoswald Organic Cheese is handcrafted, on farm, from the raw organic milk produced by these cows. Ayrshire sweet milk cheese originated near Dunlop in Ayrshire made by Barbara Gilmour returning from exile in Ireland in 1688. The Ayrshire cattle, upland pastures and climate give this cheese its unique characteristics. It is creamy, matured cheese, made only from our own organic milk, using vegetarian rennet and cultures containing no GM organisms.

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Slack House Farm